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Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Creative Space

I have not done one of these for a while so what better time than after my holidays. I headed off on a Road trip with Mr fluffy Changes, Mr T and my In laws, to Sydney for a little over a week. We travelled some intresting roads and saw some funny sights.

But the trip was about a wedding. So I did what any sewer does and I set about making a little black dress.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Just letting you all know in the next couple of weeks I will be away on holidays. My on line stores, Made it and A Beautiful Thing, will still be operating. As I will pack the items in the car with me. (Along with the items needed for posting) So do not be surprised if you have it posted from a different location.
I have completed all but one custom order (I had a good handfull this month). This will be done the first week back.
This also means that I will not be attending this months The Handmade Expo. I am quiet sad about this but becuase I am going to a wedding I had no choice of the dates. I will also be missing the April The Handmade Expo, but more on that next month.
April will also bring some time off for personal matters and I will only be doing 1 custom order (yet to be filled) in the first two weeks. So if you are after something special please email me and let me know early so I can have the fabrics in and your order completed by the 9th of April.
On the 10th Of April I will also be found at The Butterfly Tree markets. This will be last Market you will see me at until May (hopefully).
See you all on the flip side of my Holidays
Jodie AKA Mrs Fluffy Changes.