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Sunday, February 20, 2011

One word...

That is the word for the weekend just gone. It was a scorcher across South East Queensland (or still is today). And this time there has been no summer storm yet to cool us down. But enough about the weather, lets talk markets.

The Handmade Expo Saturday

So I had two crazy hot markets in two days did I survive? Yes. But it did come down to the wire as to weather I was going to be able to pull it off. See what I did not tell you guys was I had been REALLY sick in the days leading up to the markets. Sick enough that I wanted to be admitted to the hospital due to high fevers. But at that stage I was still able to swallow so I was sent home with more antibiotics. But my Gp came to my rescue Friday lunch time and gave me a script for something extra that saved my day. By 4pm that afternoon I was much better and was able to feel human.

Poppyseed Markets Sunday

So I met some wonderful people this weekend. Lots of new faces and some older ones. And thank you to all who braved the heat both days. It was great meeting every one and their little ones.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Huge weekend

Ok so this weekend is going to be huge (and lets hope I will be still standing by the end of it all lol).

So on Saturday I have the Handmade Expo! Which I am totally stoked to be back there with.

Than some thing crazy occured to me, that is I am going to one Market that weekend, that I may as well do two. So with out any further ado, I am please to say I will now be joining the Poppyseed market family as well this weekend on the Gold Coast!

Did I mention HUGE weekend! So I look forward to meeting even more Handmadies and people who love hand made this weekend. But forgive me if I do not have much of a voice by Sunday afternoon. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's time..

Yep that is right it is time again for The Handmade Expo!!! So exciting that this market is back again for another year!! It has been a crazy two months in this town since the last expo.

On other BIG news there have been already some changes for Fluffy Changes this year. Fluffy changes is now on Made it, we also now have pay pal and eftpos as payment methods. So weather it is an online purchase or an in person purchase you now have more and more options.

So this Saturday you can make purchases at the handmade expo by Eftpos!! Excited, I am becuase I know how much I hate carrying cash!

Also at The Handmade Expo they are collecting donations of craft supplies for thoose who lost their craft supplies in the recent floods. So if you have some craft supplies or fabric you can spare bring it on down and see Mickey, Leisa or Miriam.

On other news A Beautiful Thing is also back up and running again this year. With this months stocking being all things red. So stop by and take a peak (and make a purchase!), because all of these beautiful items are handmade by lots of talented women.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

24 hours to go

That is right 24hrs to go until the first market for the year and Fluffy changes turns one!!

What an exciting day it will be. So where can you find me:

Cameron Park
The block of Brisbane Rd, Eastern Street, Glebe Rd and Green Street
(this is a large park on your way into Ipswich if you are coming from Brisbane)
This is also a benifit to raise funds for flood victims of Ipsiwch. So Fluffy Changes is only too happy to help out.
So come on down, bring the family and enjoy the day in the park with lots to see and do.
And recieve a 5% discount if you wish us Happy Birthday.