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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is happening

Sorry I have been a bit MIA here.

So here comes my updates:

Firstly Raising Thomas blog and puzzling items have been going well. We started off very well here and just remember new items are being added every week! It is fun and exciting creating these items!

I have now being listing lots of various items on my Made it Store. This is to open the variety of customers I am able to reach. I am doing an item of the day each day (when I have a quiet moment) to let you know what items are available in store. I try and do something different each day, but remember you can always just visit the store through that link by clicking on the link each day and then my banner at the top of the store. This will show you all items available.

Remember that Christmas is just around the corner. This year think Handmade as a way of helping out a local family and community rather than a big retail giant. You will also be give a unique gift that will be treasured for a long time to come. When it comes to fluffy changes items this is definitely the case!

Also the Handmade expo is only 10 days away now and once again we will be there with lots of gift ideas for family and friends, from key wristlets to make-up cases to children's clothing. There might even be a limited few items for mum and dad too! Can't wait to see you all there, it is going to be one HUGE market day with steam train rides and even a fireman or two!