Making change matt covers for the delicate wonders of the world.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Market Sale night

As promised tonight is the market night sale on facebook. Starting at 8pm and running for 24hrs. So why not get in and check out what is on offer. There is a surprise or two in there.

Don't forgett sale nights it is until october. Due to Birthdays in September and the wonders of having a husband who works all Carnival of Flowers weekend (In Toowoomba, QLD) I am unable to clone myself to be the awesome mum and wife and marketere at the same time.

Also there is plans in the pipeline to have a special fundraising line. These will not just be our usual fluffy changes items either, but rest asured they will be made by me and have our lable. So stay tuned to that one as it hits the stores in either late this year or Early next.

So enjoy the preview of the items, and if Mr T is having a good day a few more surprises maybe added later on!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Nappy Bag

Today I noticed there seemed to be a lot of intrest in my sample dick and Jane nappy bag, then people would notice the costing for this. So this is a blog post all about this beautiful custom made bag.

This bag straight up looks roomy, and when you look inside it is not decieving. There is 6 pockets on the inside 2 large and 4 bottle sized ones.

Then when you look even closer at the bag you notice it has some weight to it. Why? To construct this bag there is about 6.5 meters of fabric required. And it is fully lined with calico than with a contrasting fabric from the shell, and then fully lined pockets too.

So when you take that all into consideration the prices I am charging, really only cover material costs!

August market wrap up

Ok my lead up to the August markets was looking awesome. I was churning out new outfits, getting new portable change mats made and new fabrics ordered. Than it all came to a screaming hult on Thursday evening. A while ago my Little man (Mr T) jumped on my hand as I was laying in bed one morning and bent my arm back. It hurt a lot that day and for about 48hrs. Which to me means no big deal. Seemingly got better, although it was looking like I had a new artha spot. Ok no big deal either. Not something I would rush off an see a Dr about, just wait until my next review.

Than as a part of my weightloss journey I joined a gym. That elbow that I thought was no big deal was suddenly becoming painfully obvious that it was a big deal when I started using light weights. This saw me in my physio's office Thursday evening. I have done the ligiments (and/or the tendons) in the inner elbow of my left arm. So this is what my physio has done to me:

So this why today my arm was really bulky. It is not the most comfortable thing to wear for about 18hrs a day! It also mean driving is a pest. Lifting Mr T is a challange. And sewing, well I am not sure that will be such an easy task when you can't straighten your arm.

But the show went on for The handmade Expo today. It was a beautiful winters day with a hint of a breeze at lunch time and a slight bit more than a breeze around close of day. The cold start did not seem to bother the handmade fans of Ipswich and I think the visitors were definately not disappointed by the finds of the day.

I met some wonderful new people and some other not so new fans. And it seemed many were happy to see toddler boys clothes available again. In the coming months more summer toddler boys clothes will be appearing, so keep your eye out for the previews on Facebook.

Also remember that I can do custom orders for you, so if you liked something and it was not in your childs size, please feel to email me or make contact through facebook to put in a request for a custom order. This also goes for the nappy bags. (But more on thoose in a new post.)

Unfortunately for me, I am not able to be at the butterfly tree markets in Toowoomba this weekend, I was really looking forward to it. But as driving is a pest locally, driving over an hour west on a highway which on a normal day has it's own challangers is just not going to happen whilst I am in a brace that is so cumbusom. So my humble appologies there.

To make up for this, Later in the week I am going to be putting up 6 selected items on a market night sale. So if there is something you want to see in particular, let me know so I can make sure it is up for grabs on the night.