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Monday, July 26, 2010

Out of season..

Ok it seems in Australia coral and polar fleeces are highly seasonal. And even though it is still the middle of winter many suppliers are clearing it out! So what fabric I have in this currantly maybe it. Flanel is much easier to come by right now. I have been buying up big on the fleeces this week. But sadly left my run a little late for some of the more popular styles. Big Humph about this today.

Now if there is something a customer particularlly wants I will do my best to hunt it down. (Even if that means calling around the country.) But sadly in my last post I pictured a beautiful coral fleece set, this fabric is no longer available. Yep I cried too then kicked myself for buying such a small amount.

So as I said I would do my best to chase down a fabric, but it does not all ways pan out my way.

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