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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back in the swing

Ok so for the last few weeks I have been slightly absent. And some what absent minded. But I am back now and ready to go.

For those who are not aware I took some time off to have life changing surgery. So if you know me from the markets and have met me in person you will start to notice a difference when you see me again.

Speaking of which, I will be back on board for The Handmade Expo this month after a couple of months off. I will have lots of new and exciting things available including Knitts by Helen again with her lovely scaves and beanies. As well as some beautiful knitted head bands.

Helen is my wonderfull and talented Mother In Law who does amazing knitted items in her spare time. From the knitted tinkabell balls and cubes to scaves and shawls. She likes to give me the privalage to sell her items during the winter months. So stay tuned for some pics coming soon.

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  1. Will be great to see you there again this month :)