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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Creative Space -June 2011

I have been pretty quiet on the blog front as well as facebook due to so much happening with my family. But for some thing I have not done for a while I thought I would show you all a little of what has been keeping me busy.

The first one up is my 30th Dress. For a while there I thought I would have to wear a back up dress. It was touch and go as to weather I would finish it or not especially when it was lunch time when I was still trying to put the zip in. But with a few hours to spare I got it done! I must say I am happy with how it turned out and most of my outfit was hand made by some other talented people Such as Kellie Christie (neck lace and ring) and The button Bowtique for my hair piece.My next one has been made this week for Mr T. Who had such and awesome time at the fabric store running wild. But he found the bolt of this shrek blanket and pillow set. Because he was good and packed up the toys I agreed to make it up for him. (Oh and I am a soft touch too especially seeing it was not expensive.) I had some gifted sapphire fleece out the back so I used it as the backing for the blanket and top stitched around the blue in the centre of the blanket. For a day care blanket I am happy how this turned out. Do you think he was happy when he woke up this morning and it was made? BTW here is the hint to just how happy he is. He rarely makes proper eye contact with people and especially the camera.

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