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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Market Sale night

As promised tonight is the market night sale on facebook. Starting at 8pm and running for 24hrs. So why not get in and check out what is on offer. There is a surprise or two in there.

Don't forgett sale nights it is until october. Due to Birthdays in September and the wonders of having a husband who works all Carnival of Flowers weekend (In Toowoomba, QLD) I am unable to clone myself to be the awesome mum and wife and marketere at the same time.

Also there is plans in the pipeline to have a special fundraising line. These will not just be our usual fluffy changes items either, but rest asured they will be made by me and have our lable. So stay tuned to that one as it hits the stores in either late this year or Early next.

So enjoy the preview of the items, and if Mr T is having a good day a few more surprises maybe added later on!

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