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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's time..

Yep that is right it is time again for The Handmade Expo!!! So exciting that this market is back again for another year!! It has been a crazy two months in this town since the last expo.

On other BIG news there have been already some changes for Fluffy Changes this year. Fluffy changes is now on Made it, we also now have pay pal and eftpos as payment methods. So weather it is an online purchase or an in person purchase you now have more and more options.

So this Saturday you can make purchases at the handmade expo by Eftpos!! Excited, I am becuase I know how much I hate carrying cash!

Also at The Handmade Expo they are collecting donations of craft supplies for thoose who lost their craft supplies in the recent floods. So if you have some craft supplies or fabric you can spare bring it on down and see Mickey, Leisa or Miriam.

On other news A Beautiful Thing is also back up and running again this year. With this months stocking being all things red. So stop by and take a peak (and make a purchase!), because all of these beautiful items are handmade by lots of talented women.

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