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Sunday, February 20, 2011

One word...

That is the word for the weekend just gone. It was a scorcher across South East Queensland (or still is today). And this time there has been no summer storm yet to cool us down. But enough about the weather, lets talk markets.

The Handmade Expo Saturday

So I had two crazy hot markets in two days did I survive? Yes. But it did come down to the wire as to weather I was going to be able to pull it off. See what I did not tell you guys was I had been REALLY sick in the days leading up to the markets. Sick enough that I wanted to be admitted to the hospital due to high fevers. But at that stage I was still able to swallow so I was sent home with more antibiotics. But my Gp came to my rescue Friday lunch time and gave me a script for something extra that saved my day. By 4pm that afternoon I was much better and was able to feel human.

Poppyseed Markets Sunday

So I met some wonderful people this weekend. Lots of new faces and some older ones. And thank you to all who braved the heat both days. It was great meeting every one and their little ones.

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