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Monday, September 5, 2011

The puzzling product launch!

Ok so it is time to announce that the new product range will be launched on Monday the 19th of September at 7:45pm.

This is very special range of products is rather puzzling indeed. But when put together makes beautiful sense. It is bright and colourfull and treasured by all. Confused yet?

Only time will tell, but like all my products they are one off creations, even though they share the common theme. They are to raise awareness for Autism and Aspergers. But most importantly help raise fund for Thomas's therapy items and tools. From the little things like chewy toys, to big things like special trampolines and possibly an Ipad (if needed). Each item purchased is to be on the suggestion of his OT and speech Therapists. And funny enough there is all ready a list of items.

So this is what is new. Now the items will be some of our old favourites, to some new and exciting items, that will only be created in this special fabric. So stay tuned to what is coming over the coming months.

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